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PowerEdge R730xd installing PCI SSDs

Hello everybody

We have a PowerEdge R730xd Server and we want to install two PCI SSDs.

We have the following 4 Slots:

Riser1: Slot2_G3_X8(CPU2)

Riser1: Slot3_G3_X8(CPU2)

Riser2: Slot4_G3_X16(CPU2)

Riser2: Slot5_G3_X8(CPU1)

Does it matter in which Slots we install the SSDs?? (performance issues...) We want to set up RAID 1.

Thank you!

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Community Manager

RE: PowerEdge R730xd installing PCI SSDs


first of all I have to thank you for your question. It took a while to get the right information Smiley (fröhlich)

The RAID controller is not supporting such configuration, so you may try to do a software RAID but then you are not able to boot from it.

The DELL PCI SSDs are special hard drives, they need a additional backplane - but as it is a 730xd there is no space to get this one installed.

So all in all no RAID possible, and installation of DELL PCI SSDs not possible.

It could be that a fusionIO does work but just with a software RAID so w/o boot.