SnapVX for Casdaded Storage Group (Parent and Child)


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can i perform a snap for a child storage group?

I configured a Parent storage group named SG_MXMCDES09_24_31  with 10 child storages group.

can i perform a snap for a child storage group? in this case for SG_MXMCDES09_REDO, SG_MXMCDES24_DBFS, etc, or do i need to peform the snap only for the parent SG, is it  allow to perform snap for single SG on a Cascaded config?, the customer wants to perform this because he just need the mos important Data for the database.

Storage Group Name          : SG_MXMCDES09_24_31

   Number of Storage Groups : 10

   Storage Group Names      : SG_MXMCDES09_24_31_QUO           (IsChild)

                              SG_MXMCDES09_24_31_SILVER        (IsChild)

                              SG_MXMCDES09_24_31_GOLD          (IsChild)

                              SG_MXMCDES09_DBFS                (IsChild)

                              SG_MXMCDES09_FRA                 (IsChild)

                              SG_MXMCDES09_REDO                (IsChild) ------->  Snap???

                              SG_MXMCDES24_REDO                (IsChild) -----> Snap ??

                              SG_MXMCDES24_DBFS                (IsChild) -----> Snap ??

                              SG_MXMCDES24_FRA                 (IsChild) -----> Snap ??

                              SG_MXMCDES09_24_31_FS            (IsChild)




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Yes, you can create a snapshot of a child storage group. Just specify the storage group name on the command. Example: symsnapvx -sid 12345 -sg SG_MXMCDES09_REDO -name SG_MXMCDES09_REDO_snapshot establish

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