VASA with the Powermax HA availability.

Hi Team,

We have powermax system and we need to use it as VVol volumes using the VASA provider, so we have couple of question can someone help on the below question if implemented VASA with the powermax.

1. As per VASA documentation there is no HA for the VASA we need to use the VMware HA functionality ? if yes let us know the steps.

2. when we first time deploying the vasa we need to add the ESXi host to map the RDM, DB luns using the Vapp mangaer , once this done we need to register vasa with the vcenter. ... but  if my ESXi host have some issue or in maintenance we need to follow the same process to move the VASA to other ESXi host and follow the stpes.--- so is there any other way that we can do it using command line or any automation to avoid the mannaul task of adding the esxi host & register vasa, 


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