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vmax 200k (5977) to powermax (5978) OR question


I have a question regarding OR Hot Push method between vmax 200k and powermax.

In the following guide there is this statement for Open Replicator: "Any VMAX3 array FA port, connected to the remote array and granted access to the remote devices, can be used for Open Replicator sessions. This is a change from earlier version of ORS where the ports involved in Open Replicator sessions had to be FA ports where the volumes were mapped.


I want to use completely dedicated FA's (no hosts zoned) on both source and destination arrays and it sounds like I should be able to do it according to the above statement. I opened a ticket with support and they said I still needed to zone the source FA's where the volumes are mapped to the destination FA's. Is any one able to clarify if this is still a requirement?

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