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EMC PowerPath/VE 5.7 for VMware vSphere 5 Now Available

PowerPath/VE 5.7 is host-based software that provides automated data path management, failover and recovery, and optimized load balancing in VMware vSphere environments.  This release adds support for VMware vSphere 5, including the new auto-deploy and stateless licensing capabilities, and for VMAXe and VNXe to currently-supported EMC storage arrays. Additionally, the PowerPath Viewer monitoring utility has also been qualified for PowerPath/VE 5.7.

Product Details

PowerPath/VE 5.7 ensures high-availability across heterogeneous server, network, and storage in VMware virtual infrastructure.

  • vSphere 5 auto-deploy and stateless licensing support: PowerPath/VE 5.7 integration with vSphere 5 auto-deploy and stateless licensing capabilities enable the continuous, seamless licensing of PowerPath/VE multipathing across dynamic ESX servers. The improved documentation and simplified PowerPath/VE 5.7 license management make it easier for customers to install and deploy PowerPath/VE into their VMware virtual environments.
  • Symmetrix VMAXe and VNXe support: The added VMAXe and VNXe support extends PowerPath/VE coverage to include all Symmetrix and VNX/VNXe storage arrays.
  • PowerPath Viewer support: The PowerPath Viewer utility (release 1.0.1) has been updated to support PowerPath/VE 5.7 for monitoring PowerPath-supported devices, including EMC and qualified non-EMC storage arrays. PowerPath Viewer enables customers to view hosts, host groups, LUNs, individual paths to each LUN, and buses—and to receive email alerts about any changes in the status of PowerPath-supported devices.

As VMware virtual environments grow and mission-critical applications move into production, customers are closer to realizing their cloud. To fully reach their potential, customers need infrastructure software from EMC and VMware to ensure the high-availability of their virtual environments and emerging cloud environments.

PowerPath/VE 5.7 for vSphere enables customers to grow their virtual environments to thousands of virtual machines with their current infrastructure through the ability to automate and optimize data paths—while easing deployment, enabling monitoring across all PowerPath/VE-supported devices, and ensuring high availability and the ability to scale-out mission-critical applications across all EMC core storage and qualified non-EMC storage arrays.


Download PowerPath/VE 5.7 from Powerlink at:  Home > Support > Software Downloads and Licensing > Downloads P-R > PowerPath for VMware

Download PowerPath Viewer from Powerlink at:  Home > Support > Software Downloads and Licensing > Downloads P-R > PowerPath Viewer.