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EMC PowerPath/VE......did you know?

Virtualization brings many benefits to the storage environment.  Two that come to mind are resource consolidation, which saves money, and flexibility - in the way users can manage resources.  But you need a path management solution which can intelligently manage the dyanmic nature of virtual environments.

PowerPath/VE delivers advanced PowerPath features to streamline and automate I/O performance of VMware vSphere (ESX server 4) and Microsoft Server 2008 Hyper-V virtual environments.

This new addition to the PowerPath family standardizes path management across heterogeneous physical and virtual environments—servers, operating systems, and virtual platforms. While native multipathing products support basic failover and manual load balancing, only PowerPath/VE automates path utilization to dynamically optimize performance and availability for virtual environments.

Did you know that PowerPath/VE is the only third-party multipathing solution for vSphere?

So, how do you use PowerPath/VE to optimize your virtual environment?

Hear/view more - Introduction to PowerPath/VE video:

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