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How do you optimize your virtual storage environment?

I'm sure we can all appreciate the resource consolidation, which saves money, and flexibility, which virtualization brings to the storage environment.  However, the dynamic nature of virtual environments presents a challenge in how we manage this newfound flexibility - the manual processes we used in "static" physical (Windows, Linux, Unix) environments no longer provide adequate resource management.

The key to path management in a virtual environment is to integrate a policy-based management and automation solution to account for changes in the dynamic environment.  In doing so, the administrator can align system resource utilization and performance expectations to overcome the changing environment.  PowerPath/VE brings this level of intelligence into the virtual data center.

With PowerPath/VE, you can now standardize path management across heterogeneous physical and virtual environments. PowerPath/VE enables you to automate and optimize virtual server, storage, and path utilization in a dynamic virtual environment. This eliminates the need to manually load-balance hundreds or thousands of virtual machines and I/O-intensive applications in hyper-consolidated environments.  PowerPath /VE also maximizes data and application availability enabling applications running on the guest VM to be shielded from potential disruption. 

So, in short, the PowerPath/VE can optimize your virtual datacenter via:

·        Standardization

·        Automated optimization

·        Transparent protection

·        Simplified management

·        Improved performance

So the question is:  How do you plan to optimize your virtual environment?