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PowerPath VE 5.8

When I run rpowermnt display dev=all

Owner: default=SP A, current=SP A    Array failover mode: 4


--------------- Host ---------------   - Stor -  -- I/O Path --   -- Stats ---

###  HW Path               I/O Paths    Interf.  Mode     State   Q-IOs Errors


   1 vmhba1                 C0:T1:L84   SP B7    active   alive      0      2

   1 vmhba1                 C0:T0:L84   SP A5    active   alive      0      0

   2 vmhba0                 C0:T1:L84   SP B4    active   alive      0      0

   2 vmhba0                 C0:T0:L84   SP A6    active   alive      0      4

###  HW Path           I/O PathsInterf.  Mode State   Q-IOs Errors


   2 vmhba0             C0:T1:L21   SP B4active   alive  4
   2 vmhba0             C0:T0:L21   SP A6active   alive  5
   1 vmhba1             C0:T1:L21   SP B7active   alive  3
   1 vmhba1             C0:T0:L21   SP A5active   alive  5

What dows the Q-IOs Errors mean?

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Re: PowerPath VE 5.8


  • When powermt display hba is used, the Stats Q-IO displays the current total number of outstanding I/Os on this HBA.
  • When powermt display dev=all is used, the Stats Q-IO displays the total number of I/O operations under way to this path. This is the total number of I/O requests to this device that have not completed.
  • The sum of in-progress I/Os for all paths should equal the number of in-progress I/Os for the PowerPath device.


Suman Pinnamaneni

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Re: PowerPath VE 5.8

Thanks Suman,

Since I am getting the errors as shown above, how can I fix this?

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