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PowerScale How To - Using the CLI (An awesome playlist of 90-second video tutorials.)

Hello PowerScale users.

Our content team has given us access to a set of 'How To' - tutorial videos. If you are interested in using CLI to configure your PowerScale environment, this is the playlist you have been looking for. All videos are about 90 seconds. Check them out and if you'd like to see more of this kind of content from Education Services, please reply with your comments and let us know other topics of your interest.







Click on the image or click here  to launch the playlist.


CLI topics covered:

  1. NTP
  2. Join Active Directory
  3. LDAP
  4. RBAC User
  5. Groupnets
  6. Subnets
  7. Group Quotas
  8. Directory Quotas
  9. User Quotas
  10. Snapshots
  11. Access Zone
  12. IP Address Pool
  13. SmartConnect Zone
  14. SMB Share
  15. NFS Export
  16. ZRBAC Administrator
  17. S3 Bucket
  18. File Filtering
  19. Data Deduplication
  20. Snapshot Schedule
  21. SMB Service
  22. RBAC Role
  23. ZRBAC Role
  24. SmartLock



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Thank you for posting this, @Ktsuda3

Happy Learning to PowerScale users! 

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