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PowerStore 2.1 New Features

Hi Folks,

You might be wondering what are the main new features available with PowerStore 2.1?

Here they are:

  • PowerStore 500 DC Power Support (DC Power still not supported for other models)


  • Support for NVMe/TCP:


NVMe over Fabrics using Fibre Channel (NVMe/FC) was supported in PowerStore 2.0

With PowerStore 2.1 we introduced NVMe over Fabrics over TCP (NVMe/TCP).

Only the following hosts are supported for NVMe/TCP:

vSphere 7.0U3, RHEL 8.2-8.4, SLES 15 SP2-SP3


  • SmartFabric Storage Software (SFSS):

It’s a type of Centralized Discovery Controller (CDC) that helps simplify NVMe/TCP end to end configuration of a Host and Subsystem.

We have 2 options to connect and use NVMe/TCP (Direct Discovery vs Centralized Discovery)




Supported Endpoints: VMware ESXi 7.0U3 and later, PowerStoreOS 2.1 and later


  • Dynamic Node Affinity: will automatically change Node Affinity of a volume based on performance of the system. Only supported for Block Volumes for now.


  • vSphere 7.x Support for PowerStore X internal ESXi hosts:

Starting with PowerStore 2.1, vSphere 7.0U2 will be the minimum ESXi release supported on PowerStore X internal ESXi hosts (vSphere 6.7 releases will continue to be supported on PowerStore 1.0.X and 2.0.X systems).

PowerStore X appliances would require ESXi upgrade to 7.0U2 before upgrading the PowerStoreOS to 2.1

This feature only impacts PowerStore X internal ESXi hosts.

Enjoy and see you soon for the PowerStore 3.0 and its new features (a lot more )!

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