Cannot install ArcServe 2000 OS Agents

If anyone is runnig ArcServe 2000 on (what else?) Win 2000 servers, I would be most grateful if you would tell me how you installed the Client Agents.

I have tried installing NTAgent both locally and remotely and neither method works. Arcserve's worthless support website has nothing on this issue, and their technical support staff is either stumped, swamped, or uncooperative.

Everytime I try to intall the agent, I get an error message stating the the CA license is not installed and to "please install it from %s". It almost sounds like the error message is missing information as well.

The remote method never connects to the server, though it is available through normal browsing with the same credentials.

I have been able to install the Agent on an NT4 server, so I don't think it is a corrupted CD. I have been able to install NTAgent on the server running ArcServe itself. However, I was under the assumption you could install client agents without installing ArcServe on that machine. let me know if this is incorrect.

Thank you for any assistance.


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RE: Cannot install ArcServe 2000 OS Agents

I don't know if this will help you any. Unlike ArcServeIT 6.61 the ArcServe 2000 client is not free.

ArcServe 2000 workgroup edition does not come with any licenses for the client but Enterprise edition comes with 5 client licenses. We are only using the workgroup edition.

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Re: Cannot install ArcServe 2000 OS Agents

Check your Computer Browser service. It must be started.
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