Dell does not honor their Silver support contracts!!!!

Warning!!! Before any of you buy an MD3000 unit please read the experience my company has had with Dell after purchasing one of these units.


They shipped the unit with the wrong Hard Drives in it which when trying to install and configure it the system returns an uncertified disk error on every single drive.


Because they can't get my company information right on my account or their ordering system corrected, I've had to deal with a critical business outage for the past 48 hours while they have been "investigating" why the order doesn't show the drives on the system.


After dealing with this for 2 days straight on the phone with over 10 hours of wasted time talking to various people, our business has finally been told that obviously the unit didn't ship correctly and they will not honor their support services to replace the drives with correct units to make it functional. They will however, process a return and after which I can buy another unit which will take about 3 weeks to build. Which my company will be without 10TB of storage space in that time frame. We even paid for remote installation services of this unit and to this day have not received any contact from a technician regarding installation.


After this experience our company has chosen not to do business with Dell again. For a business critical system that is supposed to remain highly available, how can it be HA compliant when you can't even get the right drives for the unit in the first place.


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Re: Dell does not honor their Silver support contracts!!!!

Sounds like someone's playing the blame game. If you're company is relying on this system, and not having it is resulting in a critical business outage, i'd be asking why you've left purchasing this system to the last minute.

Sure, your experience with Dell doesn't sound to have gone as smoothly as it should. But if you had planned things better, you wouldn't be in this situation.

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Re: Dell does not honor their Silver support contracts!!!!

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Yes, there should have been more planning on the posters part, but I have also experienced some inferior service on the part of Dell.  I just called today on to verify warranty on a PowerVault MD1000.  I bought it from a reseller and it was missing a service tag label.  I did, however, have a S/N from the side of the unit. 


No one at Dell could help me out.  If you don't have a service tag or express service code, Dell doesn't have a clue.  Every other manufacturer I know of would be able to tell you *something* but not Dell.  Yes, they did remind me that I could find out the service tag by running Dell's OpenManager utility, but it's ridiculous that they can't associate a S/N with a specific service tag.  What if a hardware problem prevented me from reading the stored service tag?  Maybe this is very rare for this to happen, but it's not like I was calling Dell for help on a system that somebody else manufactured.  It was their own box!


I've worked as systems engineer and IT manager in small companies for many years.  I've purchased more than $100,000 of Dell products over that time, and recommended their products to others.  I know that's not much at a large company, but I've always run a Dell only IT shop.  Lately I've been dealing with a certain other computer manufacturer that is known for their printing business.  I needed to get warranty help for a SAS card that I bought on eBay. It was installed in one of their servers, also bought on eBay.  When I called about the SAS card, they didn't even want to know the S/N of the card.  It was enough for them that the server was under warranty, and that the card had a label with at least one date on it of 2007, which meant it was still within their 3 year warranty.


Unless Dell does something to improve their customer experience, they will lose my business.  Yes, the OP didn't plan very well.  But consider that his company PAID for a product which wasn't delivered as promised.  Then they're supposed to return the unit because Dell is unwilling to fix their mistake and send new drives out?  I could understand if the customer just ordered the wrong drives, but if it's Dell's mistake, they should make it right.


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Re: Dell does not honor their Silver support contracts!!!!

In my experience Dell has never tracked serial numbers of components.

Without the service tag of express code you could still get the order number from the reseller and Dell can usually track down the service tag using that.

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