Latest PERC 5/E BIOS and Drivers?

I'm preparing for future installation of a PERC 5/E on a Precision 390.   The 5/E drivers linked from the Precision 390 support page appear to be older and not the most recent.   However, when I search directly for more recent software on the Dell support site, a search on PowerEdge 5/E or PERC 5/E turns up very disorganized and random links to various products.   The version numbers attached to these various files don't seem to coordinate well with each other.  Honestly, it leaves me lost.

What is the *latest* version of the:

- PERC 5/E BIOS, and I would prefer an installer that can work natively under Windows rather than requiring a boot floppy.

- Windows XP 32-bit driver

- What is the best (i.e., most functional) utility to use to manage RAID volumes on the 5/E directly from the console of the computer where they are installed.

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Re: Latest PERC 5/E BIOS and Drivers?

Look up the downloads for a PowerEdge 2950. This server was available with a PERC5E and may list newer drivers and/or firmware for that controller.

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