PowerVault 124T LTO Common Support Questions


Common Diagnostics:

Software: Xtalk     Systems: LTO 1,2,3, & VS                                  

Software: ITDT     Systems: IBM & LTO 4 & 5


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Common Support Questions and Answers:

Error code 46 Drive/Media error:


  1. Remove the magazines from the unit and make sure that there is no media sticking out of any of the slots.
  2. Remove all media from the magazines and insert the empty magazines back into the unit. 
  3. Power cycle the unit and see if the error comes back.  If the error doesn’t come back reload all media back into the magazines & reload magazines back into the unit.  Also if not at the latest firmware then I would upgrade to the latest version of firmware: http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/555/DriverDetails?DriverId=R317040&FileId=2731121772&Drive...
  4. If still getting the error & unit is still under warranty then I would recommend opening a support case as there could be a hardware issue.

Error code 3E or3F:


  1. Should confirm that all media is in all the slots and that there isn’t any media missing
  2. Remove all media except 3 tapes. Power cycle the unit and confirm that it comes to a ready state.
  3. Once unit is at a ready state then run a random moves test.  You can do this via the front panel or the Web utility.  To do it from the front panel Diagnostics menuàRandom moves.  From the RMU: Error logs & Diagnosticsà select the drop down menu & choose Random Moves. Change the count to 10-20 & hit the submit.  When the test runs it can take up to 30 minutes to complete.  If you get any errors that happen make sure you record them & contact support to open a case.

Backup is getting slow performance:


  1. Need to confirm that the correct drives are being used for the tape unit and the HBA( SCSI, SAS or FC card). Need to be using manufacture drivers unless the backup software supplies their own driver for the tape unit.  
  2. If your operating system is win 2003 then you may need to apply the TUR fix to the registry.  Here is a link from Microsoft that explains about the TUR fix. 
  3. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;842411
  4. Make sure that the firmware for both the tape Library and the Drive as well as the HBA is at the latest that is supported.
  5. If issue still persist then contact support and open a support case.


Added second magazine on right side but the unit only sees the left magazine


What you need to do is to tell the unit that you now have both magazines instead of just the left.  You can do this from either the front panel or from the RMU.

Front panel:

Go to Configuration menuàMagazinesàBoth you will need to power cycle the unit for the change to affect.


Go to Configurationàscroll down to Magazinesàchoose both. You will need to power cycle the unit for the change to affect.


Certain slot that the media will not come out of


Remove the Magazine and try to manually insert the media into the slot and remove it to see if the slot is tight. If the slot is tight and doesn’t release the media freely like the other slots then you will need to open a  support case so that the mag can be replaced.

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