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Add an MD3200 to an in use MD1200

I have a R430 with a PERC H810 connected to a MD1200.  This is where we store all our Backups (VMs, Physical servers, and file server)  Am I am to extend storage by connecting a MD3200 to the MD1200 without losing any data?  If so what is the best way to connect these 2 devices?

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While it is supported to add the MD3200 to the MD1200, you can't do so without risking the data. The reason being is that when you cascade enclosures that have preexisting data on them the metadata format on the drives in the MD3200 can differ from the Disk Data Format used on the MD1200 enclosure, especially if it was/is attached to a PowerEdge RAID Controller or other dissimilar controller. Also the raid configuration in most cases from the MD1200 will have issues importing to the MD3200.
So I would recommend backing up everything and then deleting and recreating it back fresh then restore the data after you have it all configured.

Let me know if this helps.

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