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Adding MD3000i Hot-Spare and Additional Physical Disks


I have a Dell MD3000i SAN with seven, 300GB 15K hard drives, populating the entire left-hand side.

I have a RAID 1 array (two disks) and a RAID 5 array (5 disks). The drives fill up the LHS of the SAN and I now want to look at adding a hot spare to the RAID 5 array - I have a few questions if anyone can help?

1. Is there any sort of difference in the LHS and RHS of the appliance - in other words, can a hot spare be added to the RHS of the SAN and associated with an array whose physical drives are on the LHS of the SAN?

2. Can an array on the LHS of the appliance span the RHS as well?

3. Can I add the hot spare without affecting my exisiting array and while the appliance is running?

4. Can I add a new set of physical disks in the RHS without powering down the SAN (I have servers accessing the RAID 5 array on the LHS of the SAN).

5. Can I plug in a new MD1000 without powering down my SAN?

6. Can I install 10K drives in the RHS of my SAN if I'm using 15K drives in the LHS?

Thanks for any assistance! 🙂

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Re: Adding MD3000i Hot-Spare and Additional Physical Disks

1. The enclosure is a whole enclosure. There is no left and right side. The little slider on the front is actually just for if this enclosure/chassis were an MD1000 instead of an MD3000x. Hotspares are global on this system; they will take over for any drive in the whole enclosure as long as it's the same type (SAS or SATA) and the same size or larger.

2. See #1

3. To add drives to an existing enclosure you always slide it in hot (with the system powered up). So you would slide in the drive, and then use MDSM to assign the hotspare.

4. See #3

5. No; you have to power down the MD3000i, connect the MD1000 (be sure to check that you have 2 SAS cables (the MD1000 can also be connected to a PERC5E or PERC6e, in which case a single cable is enough, so it's not uncommon for sales to just sell the MD1000 with a single SAS cable)), then power up the MD1000, wait ~1 minute, power up the MD3000i. This is documented in the

6. Yes. You could mix them in a disk group, but that would negate the reason to purchase the more expensive 15k drives, so you would want to create 2 different disk groups.

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