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Adding free capcity to MD3000i fails with a DACSTORE error

On our MD3000i enclosure we have successfully managed to create multiple disk groups using several physical disks, some of which are SAS, and other SATA. The first disk group made of 3 SAS drives was configured as RAID5.  The Second Disk Group made of three SATA drives, also RAID5.  And the third disk group, made of 3 SAS drives, also RAID5.  But when we tried to add more physical drives to this third diskgroup, we encountered error 457:

Return code: Error 457 - A virtual disk/virtual disk-group reconfiguration operation cannot be performed because it involves physical disks having overlapping DACSTORE regions
Operation when error occurred: PROC_startVolumeGroupExpansion

 Our attempt to add free capacity was through the GUI interface (the Modular Disk Storage Manager), using the Add Free Capacity (Physical Disks) function.  And we'd just plainly receive the error mentioned above. I want to emphasize that prior to using the SAN, we have upgraded its firmware and hard disk firmware to the latest available, this was done within the past 30 days or so. We have been trying out different configurations and setups on the aforementioned physical drives, but I'm not sure if this has any impact.

Has anyone come across such a problem before?  Please help.

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