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CLI commands for MD1000\MD1200 - Dos system


I created a few scritps(*.bat file) for MD1000\MD1200 (reset PERC configuration, configure virtual drive ,etc..) the scripts working graet w/o any problem 🙂 .

My quetstain is : in order to applay the script I need to run it under windows enviroment.

There is a way to boot directly to Dos enviroment  in a brand new dell server , even when no windows OS in installed (and no OMSA also...) and run the script from


I facing a ironic situation that for running a script  , I need to install windows 🙂

any help or tips regarding this issue would be nice.

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Re: CLI commands for MD1000\MD1200 - Dos system

The command line tools issue commands to the PERC driver. So, to issue such commands a driver needs to be loaded to talk to the PERC. Nobody has made dos-drivers in years. Even Windows 2000 drivers are hard or impossible to find anymore.

I'd suggest to look at WinPE and build a WinPE bootable CD/USB stick, add the PERC drivers and then you can run your batch files from within that boot environment.

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