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Cannot connect to MD3220i

 Hi all,

Today while I was configuring the brand new MD3220i, somehow (which I may cause this) the machine stop responding. It answers the ping but I cannot connect to it through storage management app. I even cut the power and open it again but still not responding.

As the machine is new and there is nothing but raid configured on it, we have a chance to reconfigure it again and no need to think about data. How can we overcome this problem ?

Thanks you


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Re: Cannot connect to MD3220i

If you're in the US, odds are that your system was sold with a remote installation. This is a scheduled service, but they'll help you set up the whole system. I haven't had to need to use the service myself, but, other than the scheduling time (3 to 5 business days usually from what I hear), I hear good things about it.

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