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Dell EMC ME4012 Nagios plugin

How can I monitor my Dell EMC ME4012 storage?

I cant seem to find any plugin for this particular storage

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Hello Guy in IT,
With an ME4xxx system you manage it by using an IP address. you will want to connect a network cable to the management port on each controller. If you don’t want to use the management port, then you will need to use CLI & the serial cable that comes with the system. Here is the link to the deployment guide & if you look on page 37 it explains how to connect to your ME4012.
Currently I am not aware that Nagios is supported to use with an ME4xxx. Here is the link to the Dell ME4 Series Storage Array MIB but I am not sure if they will work with Nagios.
<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>
Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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Hey guy in IT.  (I don't know if that means information tech, or italy)

I'm presently writing a perl plugin to manage our two ME4012s.  If you're interested, please comment here.

Really, the best way to manage these is going to be the same as I did for the iDRAC: Do a full SNMP walk of your unit *including* loading the right Dell MIB so that you get the proper values for connUnitPortStatus and connUnitStatus, read all the data, and look for any values of "ok", and watch those.

The other thing you could do is parse the events (which seem to be exposed via SNMP) and look for any critical event.

As I read the MIB I don't see any disk or volume specific descriptors.

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