Dell SAS Controller in non-Dell server

I have a PowerVault MD3220 (SAS) that I'm trying to use with 2 servers to create a cluster.  One server is a Dell PowerEdge R905, the other is an HP DL585 G5.  Both servers have identical CPUs and memory configuration.  The Dell SAS 6Gbps card does not seem to be recognized by the HP server.  Is the Dell card only supported on Dell servers, or could it be the HP server that won't accept a non-HP card?  I've tried swapping the cards between the server and different slots, but nothing has worked so far.


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Re: Dell SAS Controller in non-Dell server

When it comes to the SAS 6Gbps card, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that it will work in a HP or any other 3rd party server. You may want to contact HP support to verify what cards that they support in their servers. One thing to try if you haven't yet would be to try the card in question in a Dell server that way you can make sure that it is not the card that is the issue. If both cards are seen fine in a Dell server then you very well may be looking at a compatibility issue or may just need to update Bios or other drivers on the HP server. Please let me know if you have any further questions and I would be happy to assist all that I can.

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Re: Dell SAS Controller in non-Dell server

If you can't get the Dell HBA to work (based on an LSI card), you could try an LSI 9200-8e, 9205-8e or 9207-8e. These are all 6Gbit/s SAS controllers with 2 external ports.

The SAS6E/H200 is probably based on one of these (I suspect the 9200-8e based on the SAS2008 chip, but Dell doesn't give much info about the chipsets used on their controllers (for some you can find it, but for most you cannot)).

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