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Dell TL2000 ISCSI Bridge not working or responding to pings


I recently acquired a used Dell Powervault TL2000 with 2 LTO4s and an ISCSI bridge. I can connect and manage the TL2000 itself over an ethernet cable, I cannot however access the ISCSI bridge. The bridge is not on its default IP of which leads me to believe that the previous owner manually changed it. I downloaded the lanscan utility that was mentioned in a previous thread and it spits out two IPs that each of the device's ports are supposedly on, but I cannot connect to them. Is there any other setup that I am missing?



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Long time ago we used 2 of these in different TL2000. IIRC they offer a HTTP(s?) Interface. If i took a look into my password management i see notices about two ports and IP addresses like x.x.x.Y and x.x.x.Z and the management was also the iscsi net.

You should use an older browser like IE10/11 or a firefox portable. If youre unsure about the configured IP just pull out the card and look if there are MAC printed on.  If not connect a device with wireshard and just lurking on the cable.
Than you could simple arp spoofing with a local attached laptop/pc to get access.

For sure the management if these bridges are completely independent from the TL2000.



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