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Drive Error 132T

     Sorry about the blank posts.  I am getting a drive error on my PowerVault 132t.  The LTO-2 drive has a 5 on the LED display.  There is a tape in it which will not eject.  I can not find any info on what to do next.  I can also not find any CRU part numbers in case I need to order a replacement.
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Re: Drive Error 132T

The PV110T LTO-2 drive uses the same error codes I believe. There are descriptions on it's user guide under the troubleshooting section (in the upper left area on this page select product support and from the dropdown select user guides, then select systems and follow to the PV110T LTO-2. Go into the user guide and then the troubleshooting section. Look in there for error codes.

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Re: Drive Error 132T


This error indicates usually that the tape mechanism is jammed. The drive needs to be replaced, but try a cold boot, it may fix it. I haven't managed to get a tape out of those drives yet. I always replace them.




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