Error: "System Board 5V PG Bad"

I've recently taken on responsibility for a Dell PowerVault NX300.  Earlier today I noticed an error on the LCD screen and when I open up OpenManage I see "System Board 5V PG" as having the status of a red circle with an X in it and a reading as "Bad".  Is this an individual component that can be replaced or would I have to replace the whole motherboard.

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Re: Error: "System Board 5V PG Bad"

Hello IT.Burt,

With this type of error, it indicates a 5 volt power grid error.  This can be related to a host of things.  Now it may be an issue with the motherboard.  What I would do is to try the following:

First, make sure you are current with all of your updates.  Specifically BIOS, BMC and the RAID controller.

From there, I would look to see what if any PCI cards are in the system and specifically if there is anything that can be removed.  This issue can also arise from various PCI cards where it attempts to draw more power than is being provided. 

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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