HE: drive logged out Code: FB 02

Hello Dell Community.

We use our PV TL2000 about once per year to back up some of our Veeam backups for long term storage.

A few months ago the PV was re connected to Backup Exec to retrieve some data.

Today while re while setting up Veeam to do our yearly Tape Back Up, the Library produced this error (again): HE: drive logged out
Code: FB 02

This error seems to rear its ugly head on a yearly basis.

Firmware for Library and Drive is both updated to the max.

I put 4 tapes in Drive 1 a few days ago in prep for the yearly back up.  As far as i know this error only surfaced today.


Library Identity

Serial Numberxxxx
Service Tagxxxx
Product ID3573-TL
Currently Installed Library FirmwareE.30 / 3.20e
Bootcode Firmware Revision0.80
Barcode ReaderSE625
IPv4 Address0.0.00.0
MAC Address000E11141D76
Library ModeRandom
WWide Node Name2000000E11141D73



Vendor IDIBM
Product IDULT3580-HH4
Serial Number 
Firmware RevisionC7QJ
World Wide ID - Port A5000E11141D73002



  • Reboot (x3 times)
  • Turn of TL
  • Unplug both Tape Drives while shutdown
  • Lots of research. Nothing really stood out to me on what I should do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanking you



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Re: HE: drive logged out Code: FB 02

Hello Drunkenpunchupatawedding,

With the error code that you are getting there is an issue with your tape drive.  What I will need is to get a drive dump log from your drive so that I can see what errors are showing on the drive.  You can get the drive dump log from the web utility by going to Service Library Menu, then going to save drive dump.  I will send you a private message so that you can send me the log, so I can review it for you.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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