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HTTP 400 (bad resquest) in IE for PV136T

I never had a problem connecting to the RMU on my PV136T via IE. Then it started giving me "HTTP 400 - Bad Request" errors instead of the RMU home page. Using Wireshark, I confirmed that IE sends the same GET request to pages that work as it does to the tape unit. I confirmed that several guys in the office had the same problem. Then we tried Firefox and Opera...both work fine. I suspect some setting in IE has resulted in the bad request, but I don't really tweak the browser at all. Any ideas what setting may result in this behaviour? Thanks,. jim
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Re: HTTP 400 (bad resquest) in IE for PV136T

Verify your RMU does not contain a second colon (:) in the URL. For more info, check this:
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Re: HTTP 400 (bad resquest) in IE for PV136T

I'm getting the same exact error for a PV132T.  In IE6 I get "HTTP 400 - Bad Request".  In IE7, however, it works great, and in Firefox it works fine too.  Tried on several different machines with several different configurations (some with IE 'locked down' and some open).  I also have the newest version of Java installed.  I tried the fixes for the "second colon in URL" bug just for the heck of it but no results there either.  Anyone have any ideas?  I'm thinking it's a bug on the PV side and not the IE side, but really have no clue.

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