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How to format the new Hard Disks inserted on MD31200i

Hello Guys,

My Company purchased five (5) new Hard Disks to install on NAS Storage Power Vault MD3200i.

I did the procedures (Inserted the Disks, Setup the RAID, Created Disks Groups, Created the Virtual Disks) up to know it´s OK.

I have a NAS controller PowerVault NX3500 working together with NAS MD3200i.

My Question:

I trying access the Volumes that was created in Power Vault MD3200i, but I think that is necessary formatted the new volumes first.

When I check in the PowerVault NX3500 the volume appear with not formatted.

How to initialize the New Disks to use in the PowerVault NX3500 controller ?

I read many Dell documentation and I didn´t find any information about that.

If someone can help me..


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Re: How to format the new Hard Disks inserted on MD31200i


When configuring a host to communicate with the iSCSI array it is important to have the iSCSI traffic to be on its own subnet and the NIC on the host is part of that same subnet. Here is a link for the deployment guide on the MD3200I array.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kenny K.

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Re: How to format the new Hard Disks inserted on MD31200i

Hi Kenny !

I couldn't open the ftp, can you send again?

I my case I would like to connect the storage by CIFS because I will connect windows to use \\NX3500\data.

My Storage MD3200i infrastructure is working and already mounted.

Is possible do It?

Follow attached the image for you reference.

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