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I found corrupted data but dont know where to start troubleshooting ME4024

I found corrupted data but dont know where to start troubleshooting ME4024.

Two days ago a virtual disk from a hyper-v virtual machine failed, the file was completely corrupt. Yesterday, four mssql databases got corrupted. We suspect we could have a problem with our Powervaut ME4024, it has a hybrid configuration of SSD and 10K drives, with SSD read cache. It has installed firmware version GT275R005-04.

We would like to know where to start troubleshooting. Scrubbing tasks on all disk groups did not show any errors. There are no errors nor critical events logged.

Thanks for your support.


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Saving the log data and looking for errors is a good first step. Page 134 https://dell.to/2t8qqIq Was the VM and the databases on the same server or is the ME the only common device?


I have been able to download the logs, we are analyzing it. What in these logs can tell us if a volume or disk is damaged?


There are two servers connected to this Powervault. We only have one powervault. The servers are connected through Dell HBA cards, two cables by server. These servers run serveral VMs, some are database servers and other web or file servers.


The first error we found was a vhdx from a web server corrupted. The VM cannot boot anymore and data was erased or damaged.


The second was three mdf files from SQL Server were corrupted but the VM was running normally.


There are no indications that these could be a ransomware attack. It points to the be a IO hardware issue.



Right, why I ask is that it could be the HBA, a cable, system memory causing the corruption if all of the VMs were on one server, if VMs on both servers are having issues it is more likely on the ME side.




The vhdx problem was on one server and the mdf problem on a second server.


Hello Markman12-,

Are you using virtual or Linear Storage?  When you deployed your system did u use our MSSQL best practice guide as well as our VMware guide?  Here is a links to both.


Microsoft SQL Server





Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Virtual. We used the mssql best practices guide for deployment.

Is there a tool I can use to process the logs? the file is huge and we did not find any error.


The best option is probably to call phone support.

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