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Incorrect array size

We have a Dell branded Qlogic QLA200 HBA installed in a PowerEdge 2650 running Windows 2003 Server with SP1.

The HBA is configured fine in the O/S as far as I can see, and is running fw v1.23.

The external storage array is an Enhance Tech RS3160SA FC array, currently with 4 x Seagate ST3250823AS SATA drives installed in a RAID5 config. The array posts a total capacity of 714062MB which sounds correct.

The Windows driver used for the HBA is the QLogic SCSI Miniport driver v9.1.0.11.

The problem is that Windows only 'sees' just over half the storage array capacity (383339MB). Is there a specific driver/firmware combination I should be using, or are there any known issues with the external array, as the FC HBA is essentially a pass-thru device that should not affect the visible capacity of the array.

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Re: Incorrect array size

You'd want to ask this question with Enhance Tech.

They may have specific driver and HBA requirements. For instance the QL200 in an EMC Clariion environment is only certified for the AX100, and not for the FC and CX series and it requires specific (EMC certified) drivers.

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