Installation instruction of Dell PV TL2000


Windows 2008 R2 edition installed with Brocade FC HBA 8GB Dual port. After connecting the direct FC cable to TL2000 we have installed the required driver of TL2000 downloaded from Dell. Rebooted twice the server also the TL2000. But cant get the TL2000 shown in Device Manager hence cannt operate with BE 2012 software.
Can Any pls help me to guide through how can i workout the TL2000 in Windows 2008 R2 server.



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Re: Installation instruction of Dell PV TL2000

The issue you are running into is that with the Brocade FC HBA it doesn't support direct connect. That leaves you with a couple of options. If you use either a Emulex or Qlogic HBA you will be able to direct connect the TL2000 to the HBA. If you want to use the Brocade FC HBA then you will need to have a FC Switch in between the TL and the controller. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Kenny K.

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