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Is 6 Gb/s SAS 2.0 planned for MD3000?

I'm seeing many drives with 6 Gb/s capability?  Is SAS 2.0 on the radar for the MD3000 units?



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Re: Is 6 Gb/s SAS 2.0 planned for MD3000?

I've seen quite a few MD3000 implementations over the last few years, but I don't think I've seen anyone push the bandwidth of the MD3000 (1.2 GByte/s (not Gbit/s) per cable), let alone 2 SAS cables (for redundant connections to both raid controllers).


I could see Dell adding support for newer drives that maybe can support SAS 2.0 (but would just be run at SAS 1.0 speed), but unless they were to add extra SAS ports on the controllers, I cannot see much of a reason to go SAS 2.0 between the server and the storage for now.

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Re: Is 6 Gb/s SAS 2.0 planned for MD3000?

Data transmission over two 3 Gb/s 4xSAS cables (one per controller) is the standard for the MD3000.  When Virtual Disks are configured they are alternately assigned to the two controller such that one has communication through each controller.   Redundancy is then added with the other two cables to the system.

As with any new technology, Dell will likely have products after a certain level of maturity and robustness is thoroughly proven in the lab, which is why Dell produces great quality products.   Also keep in mind there is a whole ecosystem that needs to be deployed from new server HBA, cabling, RAID controllers, firmware, and eventually hard drives to fully implement the newer bit rates.   Just seeing one component announced does not provide the whole picture.

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Re: Is 6 Gb/s SAS 2.0 planned for MD3000?

Hi, Bill.  We're currently working on next generation MD3000 products that will support SAS 2.0.  Right now, we can't provide exact dates, but it will be in 2010.

Hope that helps.

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