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MD1000 is acting strange - slow network speed


We have an out of warranty MD1000 that is starting to act very strange lately.  The past couple of weeks, it has been laggy, slow,  and sometimes non responsive.  We have a PowerEdge R610 hooked up to 2 MD1000's.  However, this issue only happens on 1 of the arrays.

To test we did this...

Copy down a 500MB file from this array to our desktop.  90% of the time, this will take 10 mins to copy whereas it used to only take a few seconds. 

If we put this file on the other array and download, it moves as expected.  (This is on a 1GB link)

If we put the 500MB file on the servers C: drive, and copy it down to our desktop, it works fine.  Its only with this one array.

If we open the Dell OpenManage Server Admin, the only flag is that the battery on Controller PERC 6/E adapter has failed.   This wouldn't cause the network speed issue right?  For the Alert logs, there are no red X's any longer since we put a new SAS drive in.

Can you guys recommend anything?  I wasn't sure if there was a Dell Utility to try out or what?


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RE: MD1000 is acting strange - slow network speed

Hello Tia,

You will need to replace the raid battery on your PERC card as without a working battery you have no raid caching, & without raid caching you are doing direct read & writes to the drives in the MD instead of checking the Cache for the data first.  If you replace the battery & you are still having slow performance then we can pull some logs from the server and review them to make sure that nothing else is causing the issue.  

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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RE: MD1000 is acting strange - slow network speed

We will get one ordered and test the performance.

Thanks for your reply.

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