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MD3000 Reset-State LED glowing orange constantly

Our customer has  an MD3000 we sold a while ago.

Now he contacted us (as DELL tells him he would nave bought that system from DELL  there is not support for him ...)

The STATE LED on the CASE (Case state) is glowing constantly orange.

Looking in the doc i find case in "reset state".

So the system seems to be running fine, but what the *** is a case in Reset state?

could find no information about it, and nor what to do to get rif of this state...



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Hello, Ehrismann.

So, that LED is just a generic "There is a fault" light. Your customer would need to open the MDSM software, and see what errors are listed in the "Recovery Guru" to see what is actually at fault.

I'm afraid that LED isn't going to be very specific for you. Further, it could be anything from the extremely insignificant, to the outrageous.

Have them check it, and let me know. We'll go from there.

Have a good rest of the week!

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