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MD3000i multiple issue question


We are having a bit of head scratcher with our MD3000i array. We had a drive go out in the array so I put a new one in. It would start the reconstruction process but during the process we would get multiple emails saying "Event Message: Read physical disk error during interrupted write Component type: RAID Controller Module Component location: RAID Controller Module in slot 1" along with "Unreadable sector(s) detected data loss occurred Component type: Virtual Disk Component location: Virtual Disk StorgeVD"

Then after 3 to 4 hours of it rebuilding we would get an email stating "Overflow in unreadable sector database" and that the reconstruction failed. 

I have tried 3 different Dell branded drives that are for this system and they all do the same thing. My problem now is we are getting : Impending physical disk failure detected by physical disk Component type: Physical Disk Component location: Enclosure 0, Slot 6

The odd thing is in the Modular Storage manager it is showing all drives are optimal and that bay 14 has the hot spare in standby.

I do not want to risk taking the VD offline, but need to get this figured out in the event slot 6 does go bad.

Thanks for any help!


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Hello @Brad_ATP,


Can I know the first drive that was mentioned to be replaced was which slot? Is it slot 6 too? 


If both drives are not the same slot, and if the data is access, I strongly suggest doing a full data backup. Impending physical disk failure means the system is detecting the slot 6 drive is going to fail (Predictive failure). I don't think you are able to rebuild the array with 1 pending drive replacement and 1 predictive fail drive (assuming both drives aren't the same slot). 


For "Overflow in unreadable sector database" error, you can console into the storage and run the command to try clear the error to rebuild the array. But, my suggestion is to do a full data backup soonest possible.


SMcli -c "clear allLogicalDrives unreadableSectors;"
SMcli -c "clear allVirtualDisks unreadableSectors;"

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