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MD3000i resize disk group

Hi there!

I have an MD3000i that is configured with one single physical disk group as a raid 6, which contains the virtual disks. Since this configuration is not performing well, i want to reconfigure the storage and split the single big raid6 we have now in two smaller raid5.

Is it possible to shrink the raid6 i have now so that i can use the free space, that is currently assigned to the raid6 but holds no data, to create a second raid?

Or do i have to delete the whole configuration and start over from scratch?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: MD3000i resize disk group

I have not tried this personally but I don't recollect seeing any option to reduce the size of the disk group. I would assume that the only option would be to delete the whole config and start from scratch.



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Re: MD3000i resize disk group

mrokkam is correct; you cannot reduce the size of a virtual disk or the size of a diskgroup.


So you'll have to back up your data, destroy the virtual disk(s), destroy the disk group and create the diskgroups and virtual disks again and then restore your data.

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