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MD3200i - Can't replace disk in predictive fail state

Hello! Thanks for reading.

I received an alarm from my MD3200i yesterday saying that one disk is in imminent failure state. The disk is member of a 4 disk RAID10 array. The SAN has a total of 9 disks:

4 disk RAID10 array
2 disk RAID1 array
2 hot spare disks assigned to replace any disk
1 disk not used (not assigned)

The recovery guru gives me detailed instructions to replace the disk. Basically says that i have to clic the Hardware menu, right clic the failling disk > Advanced > Fail and so on, but there is no such "Advanced" option.

That said, i googled though and came to the Dell documentation (here) which says the same thing.

What I have to do in order to replace the disk?


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Re: MD3200i - Can't replace disk in predictive fail state

Hello heizenberg,

What is the current version of firmware that you are running on your MD3200i?  Normally you would just go to the hardware tab & select the drive and then right click & select offline drive.  Since you have 2 hot spare drives configured you can pull the failing drive and then wait about 5 minutes then insert the replace the drive.  It is best though if the drive hasn’t failed to place it offline before you replace it.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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