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MD3200i and Xen Server 5.6

Does anyone have a definative guide on how to host attach XenServer v5.6 to an MD3200i.


There is a very good article from Dell about how to setup ESX/ESXi v4.x with 1:1 port binding.Looking for something like that.



I understand the need to have the MD3200i controller ports on paired on 4 different subnets but am not sure how to setup the iSCSI initiator and MPIO for Xen.

An article similar to the above would be good.


This other link (setting all ports on the same subnet) seems contradictory with Dells practise so I'm not sure about it.


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Re: MD3200i and Xen Server 5.6

You may want to open a support case with Citrix to look for some assistance as there hasn't been all that much information from Dell on how to do it.

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