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Moving / Sharing SAN connection to ESXi Serves (4.1 and 6.0)

We have a unique setup.

Currently, we have five ESXi 4.1 Servers and one ESXi 6.0 Server.

The five ESXi 4.1servers are connected to an EqualLogic and Dell MD3200 SAN through a switch and then to the ESXi Servers.

The MD3200 has two controllers and has a total of four connections to the switch.

The EqualLogic has 3 active connection and 3 standby connections to the switch.

We want to take two of the ESXi 4.1 servers and upgrade them to ESXi 6 and connect the MD3200i and EquaLLogic using a new switch

To start with the MD3200, I was looking at taking one controller (2 connections) and running them to the new switch and then to the 3 ESXi 6.0 Servers and then use vCenter 6 to make the iscsi connections.

Is this a reasonable ?

Do I first need to shutdown the MD3200i ?



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