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New PV110T VS160 very slow backup

I just recently purchased an external PV110T VS160 for a client, replacing the older PV VS80 internal they had in their PowerEdge server.


The data is being backed up fine, but the backup jobs are literally taking 11 to 12 hours to run.  These same jobs used to take 3 to 4 hours to run on the older drive.


I believe I have it terminated properly (wouldn't think it would work if I didn't).  I made sure it has it's own unique SCSI ID.  I even ordered a new contoller card with the drive (Adaptec 39160). 


Again, it works, it just takes forver to do a backup job.  A job that is set to run the night before is still running when the employees come into work the following morning.


Any quick checklist I can look at to troubleshoot this thing?

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Re: New PV110T VS160 very slow backup

drivers are always a good place to start.. I know the 39160 driver has caused performance issues in the past. Just be sure to check for the latest driver revisions.

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