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PV MD3220 Setup and Suggestions

I'm about to deploy a new PV MD3220 SAS device. The device has dual controllers and will connect directly to 2 PE R520s with dual Xeons and dual 6Gb SAS HBAs running ESXi 5.5 with VMware Essentials Plus. Only SAS connections to the MD3220 and no iSCSI in my environment. Each host will have 2 SAS HBAs for redundancy. My setup will only require 4 server VMs running Server 2012 R2 and a single SQL server with 2 instances. Connected users will be about 25 users running 3 separate .Net applications hosted on this new hardware. Future use may include a few XenDesktop VMs but not to exceed 10 VDI VMs. My question is more toward suggested MD3220 setup for RAID levels, disk groups and sizes for optimum performance. The MD3220 has 24 146Gb 15k SAS drives but my data needs will likely be far, far less than the available storage for the next few years. 250-350Gb is about all I need as the apps and DBs are not large with little growth. Any input for the suggested setup would be appreciated. Ken
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