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PowerEdge R740XD + MD1220 + PERC H810 22x1.2TB drive RAID-10 impossible?

I'm trying to create a Virtual Disk. RAID-10. 22 drives.
I run through the wizard for it, clicking boxes next to drives to include them.
The [Next] button becomes available when I have an even number of drives selected from 4-24, but not 22.
The number of drives selected is displayed at the bottom of the selection screen.
With odd numbers > 4 selected, it says, for example, "5 invalid physical disk set", calmly at the bottom of the screen.
But when I get to 22, without doing anything but selecting drives, I get a big yellow-triangled Warning popup saying  "STOR017: The specified Virtual Disk is not valid for the operation."
If I click [Ok] on that, it still says I have 21 drives selected even though I have 22 selected. [Next] button is not available.
If I select one more drive, it jumps to 23 drives selected, which is correct, but not an even number and is invalid. If I unselect one, it stays at 21 drives selected, which is also not valid.

Why can't I select 22 drives?

BIOS Version 2.13.3
iDRAC Firmware Version
PERC H810 Adapter Firmware 21.3.5-0002
24 1.2TB Dell-branded HDD drives
MD1220 v1.05 (and updated to v1.06, A01)

Wizard walk through... Create Virtual Disk, Advanced Column.

Setup Virtual Disk (options)
Enter Name, Controller = PERC H810 Adapter, Layout = RAID-10, Media Type = HDD, Physical Disk Selection = New Group
Advanced Settings (options)
Defaults - Security = Disabled, Stripe Element Size = 64KB, Read Policy = Read Ahead, Write Policy = Write Back, Disk Cache Policy = Default



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Hi @asfdasdfasdf,


Firstly, I would like to inform that MD1220 is not compatible with R740XD with due to the PERC card, as H810 is not compatible with R740XD. Hence, I'm unsure if it may work as intended use. With that said, I checked the raid capability for PERC on RAID10 and 10E, here's the documentation: https://dell.to/3aT4Gpx.


It did say about RAID10 with 22 drives configuration with notable exceptions. Hence, I went to check H810's user guide for spanned virtual disk configuration, page 41 https://dell.to/3O80EI4


Could you try creating RAID10 VD with 22 drives and populating the PD per Span
field with 22.

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Thanks for the reply. The wizard in iDRAC never gives me the chance as it shows the STOR017 popup when I choose 22, and says there are 21 selected after I close it. So I can't change the number of spans. Lifecycle controller won't let me create a VD at all except on the integrated controller.

I haven't use perccli before - Is this the correct use per your suggestion?

/perccli64_1910 show



perccli64_1910 /c1 add vd type=raid10 name=RAID drives=24:0-21 PDperArray=22





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Granted, it's unsupported, but for anyone else trying, I was able to create and use a 24-disk RAID10 Virtual Drive without issue (so far).

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