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Powervault TL2000 - Exception F1-01 Error

Running Powervault TL2000 with Ibm LTO4 SAS.  Recently we have run into a problem with large backup jobs over 1TB.  We viewed the error logs and it stated that the drive is bad (Exception F1-01-223 Error Drive is broken).  We sent it out and had it tested and the drive FAILED the IBM ITDT testing.  

We had the drive replaced and we got it in house and ran a few backup jobs with no problem, however, today after 2 days of running over 2TB backups, we have come up with the same error as with our old drive (Exception F1-01 Error_Drive is broken).  

We ran the IBM ITDT test again and passed.  Is there anything else that could cause this error?  Such as corrupted files in the backup job or the TL2000 controller or Power Supply?  Again we had our service people look at it and they said it passes the drive testing and passes all the library tests as well.  They even tested the drive with full write/read test and passes.  They even reflashed the firmware on both the library and the drive but the backups are still creating this error after 2TB.

If anyone has a suggestion, it would be greatly appreciated...

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RE: Powervault TL2000 - Exception F1-01 Error

Hello rfbos,

So the error that you are getting is a drive communication error.  With getting that error what you would want to check for is that you are not having any system event viewer & make sure that your HBA isn’t having any issues.  If you look in the system event viewer and don’t see any errors on the HBA then what I would check is to make sure that the HBA is up to date on drivers & firmware for the HBA.  

Also since you stated that you had a replacement drive installed you might need to go through your backup software & run the tape drive install again as I know that some backup softwares won’t relize that the drives serial# has changed & if it is still trying toi access the old drive then you can also get that error.  

Last thing you can try is if you have an extra SAS cable then I would try swapping the cable & see if it resolves your issue.  Also you should have a second port on the back of the tape drive that you can also try using as well to see if there is an issue with the port on the drive or see if it is a cable or HBA card issue.  

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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