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TL2000 new media

I am new to the Tape Library world, so bear with me.

I have a TL2000 connected to a R510 Server.  I believe I have everything connected correctly with the correct drivers installed.  My goal is to have all my backups automated daily using the Windows Backup Utility.  When I use the utility, if I select the LTO Ultrium with NEW media, the media fails to mount.  I was able to create a media that shows up with the date created.  My questions is what will happen when my first tape fills up?  Will the next tape be used automatically, or do I need to create a new media?


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Re: TL2000 new media

The TL is a tape library and to provide automation you need backup software. The dell site lists commvault and backup exec, there are probably other solutions that would work but not windows backup which is designed for single internal tape drives.

You could prepare the media in windows backup then use the control panel to manually load the tape. Then the backup program might work but then you'd have to manually eject the tape. Sort of defeats buying a tape library.

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