Tape Drive Cleaning issue

We have a PowerVault TL2000 that we configured  with a power on Time of 51 days, 22  hours and 45 minutes, we also run our backup with a Dell server running Windows Data Protection Manager 2012.In the tape library we have the Auto Clean Enabled, the I/O Station also enabled

The firmware for the library is B20 /3.10e

for the drive 1 (LTO5 HH SAS) firmware BBNF

Now the problem we are having is this tape library do not clean the drive automatically and the DPM trigger the error message that the drive need to be clean.

We have to go to the library and manually clean the drive everyday, the tape library do not detect that the drive need to be clean and does not do it. I would like to know if anything wrong with tape library or drive issue or maybe firmware, i am unsure how fix this problem. Any help will be highly appreciate.

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Re: Tape Drive Cleaning issue

Hello milton.hernandez,

First you state that you have the cleaning slot enabled and a cleaning tape in that slot.  Do you have a cleaning barcode on the cleaning tape or is the tape just in the cleaning slot? Also how long does your backups run every night?  The LTO5 drives should be able to read & write for 100-200MMH (Media Motion Hours) before needing to be replaced.  Also who is the manufacture of your media?  As some media can cause backup software to report that the drive needs to be clean more often when the drive doesn’t due to the read & write errors on the media.

Let us know if have any other questions.

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