Wich option for upgrade and iscsi 1GB platform

Good day everyone,

What would be a proper option to upgrade a current iscsi 1GB based storage network that consist of a MD3220i+Md200 , 3 Poweredge R710 servers and 2 powerconnect 6224 1Gb switches. Performance bottleneck actually is not that big and of course is located in the networking side.

We are not sure if 10G iscsi would the good choice of Fiberchannel,  thanks for your comments.

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Re: Wich option for upgrade and iscsi 1GB platform

Hello sqlcoder,

A proper upgrade option from your MD3220i is to an MD3820i.  With an MD 3820i you can connect an MD1200, or MD1220 to it for expansion. With the MD3820i they have 16GB FC, 10GB iSCSI, & 12GB SAS.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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