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how I can make DiskGroup online

I have MD3000 with 2 Diskgroup, the Diskgroup 2 does not work becuase  it has a failure physical Hard Disks so I want to remove the disk group and reconfigure from the scratch but we do this it tell us u need to make the diskgroup online, also when we tried to make it online asked us to insert physical HDD instead of the failure one, so if any one has an idea just let me know it becuase we need to reformat the HDD and create new DiskGroup

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Re: how I can make DiskGroup online

Were you running a raid 0 (single disk or multidisk)? A redundant raid type shouldn't have caused the diskgroup to drop offline.


Either way, you probably should create a case with support as the diskgroup may need to be deleted with smcli.

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