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lockdown MD3200i

I Have the problem with a MD3200i, we have tried to replace all the hard drives and now the Both controllers are in LockDown mode

please can you help with defualt username and password to try lemClearLockdown command via serial interface?


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RE: lockdown MD3200i


The easiest way to get you unit out of lockdown when you have changed the hard drives is to do the following

1. remove 1 controller and have the serial cable connected to the other controller

2. when you see ### press ctrl and b

3. you will have a menu appear, select 10 for serial interface, 1 for console only then q to quit and r to reboot

4. when the controller has rebooted and you see the lockdown message press enter for console prompt and type LemClearLockdown (note case sensitive)

5. let the controller reboot

6. repeat with the alternative controller, removing the controller you have just worked on

7. insert both controllers and see if MDSN can detect the unit, it may still be marked as needs attention, this is due to being in recovery mode, follow the recovery guru's instructions to clear the recovery mode

Hope this helps you


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