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map MD3000 to a folder??!

Hi .... I have an MD3000 SAS attached to my server and appearing as a separate hard disk on windows server 2008, but according to my application it has to be mapped as a folder on the C: drive .... can this be done and how ?  

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Re: map MD3000 to a folder??!

Hmm I think this can be done in Windows 2008 disk manager.    You would have to unassign the drive letter first.   I have never done this after the fact.  When the disk is 1st initialize, 2008 Svr disk manager asked if you want it drive mapped or folder assigned.

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Re: map MD3000 to a folder??!

To clarify JOHNADCO's information:


- go to disk management

- right click and select the option to add/remove drive letters

- remove the drive letter

- add a mount point (this needs to be an empty folder on an NTFS filesystem (e.g. an empty folder on your C-drive)


Now when you write data to that folder, it's really writing to the SAN virtual disk.

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