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3rd Party Sound Card for Precision 7920


I want to connect a 3rd party sound card to my Precision 7920 Tower but don't know which cable to use for the front audio connector to sound card. The front audio connects to a 13 pin male connector on the mother board hence need a 13 pin male to sound card audio connector.





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How about something like this. Or something like this. Both adapters are 13 pin to audio connector. The only difference is that one is 13 pin male and the other is 13 pin female. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe you need the 13 pin male to female adapter which is the 2nd link.

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Hi JOcean,

Thank your very much for the reply!

What I need is a 13 pin female to 9 pin female cable. The main reason I was looking for this is to plug a 3rd party sound card to my 7920 as the on board sound card makes a "pop" sound every time I play a video. I found a solution to the "pop" issue yesterday thanks to  below thread. I'm still looking for an option to have a 3rd party sound card as those are better than the inbuilt sound cards. My previous workstation (T5600) had a cable from Dell to connect the front panel audio to a 3rd party sound card, but the pin count is different.



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