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7820 Workstation Quadro P4000 Video Stress runs at 3 fps

My government agency purchased this particular Workstation as I work with CAD almost everyday.  The tower has the components:

Xeon Bronze 3104 @ 1.7 G

16 g RAM

Quadro P4000 Nvidia

After installing my CAD program (TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017) I noticed immediately the renders are extremely slow as the screen redraws the object when examining the object (rotating the object in 3D.  The object can be as simple as a 3D BOX and still the image staggers as it is redrawn via rotating the object. So it is file size is not relevant right now.

Therefore I ran the Dell Assist Video Card Device troubleshooter and the stress test is only running between 3 and 5 fps. 

It seems (my limited knowledge) as if the OS is taking charge of the Video and the Quadro is not active.  Our IT department has checked a few obvious things.  

The computer is still all factory and nothing has been done to it other than install a few programs. 

I hope that perhaps someone would be willing to assist as this machine is very important for my workflow in my office.



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Re: 7820 Workstation Quadro P4000 Video Stress runs at 3 fps

That's a fairly low end CPU with a nice high end video card! You could be running into bottlenecks. I would recommend updating BIOS and seeing about a CPU upgrade.  Also, what storage do you have? I hope your OS and Programs are on an SSD.

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